Connecting roots

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Connecting roots

By Magnus Thorseth

As we are moving towards brighter times in our lives, I wanted to try making sure everyone gets included. Even though life slowly eases back to normal, there is still people that needs to be seen, heard, and supported. Through my project, I want to support the good Samaritans at the Norwegian poorhouse, those helping the lesser fortunate in our community. 
They are the true heroes, and by helping them we can grow a stronger community together.

By connecting bartenders across bars and borders, I want to raise awareness, by supporting them through donations and conversation. Through small easy changes in our bars, we can create a platform for our guests to easier support those in need.

Creating a bespoke Ketel One cocktail, generating a 1€ donation for every cocktail sold, combined with a conversation starter in the shape of a growing plant.

At the participating bars you will find it, a small peculiar plant with a QR code on it. Curiosity lies in our souls and by creating an opportunity to ask the plant about its purpose, I am sure a conversation will start. This can be the most important conversation in life, if not yours, for someone else in need. 
The QR code links to the Connecting Roots Project, a platform for creating awareness and together changing and improving lives of exposed people through donations.

Finally, to grow our message, everyone involved will receive a plant to grow themselves.

A seed to grow to engage friends and strangers to conversation, to help and support their own local community. Connecting a community, by the roots.

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Connecting Roots Cocktail

Glass: Rocks Glass - Nude Finesse
Oils from a lemon zest
Dehydrated tomato skin

Build in shaker and throw. Strain over big ice block.

40ml Ketel One Family Made Vodka
80ml Tomato water
25ml 1:1 simple syrup
10ml Malic Acid solution 6%
7.5ml Amontillado sherry
Pinch of salt

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