Farm To Glass Cayman

Farm To Glass Cayman

By Christina Ravdas

Representing: Cayman Islands

"Farm To Glass Cayman is bringing a practical solution to food wastage in Cayman by connecting with a local farm to help them produce hand-crafted, sustainably-made syrups from their leftover spent fruit. I then connected the farmers with local area bars and restaurants, who in turn are crafting my Ketel One serve, one that's garnished with good. 

I partnered with Willie's Farm and taught them how to make fruit syrups out of spent fruit. We used their mango skins and pits to make a light and bright mango oleo. I then connected Willie's Farm to the local bars and restaurants who are now ordering these hand-crafted syrups and using them in their bars. 

The bars are also being encouraged to save their glass bottles for Willie's Farm to recycle and refill. The simplicity of making the syrup and the simplicity of the cocktail itself allow this project to easily be scaled. The recipe for the oleo can be used by farmers with nearly any spent fruit. By keeping "Second Life," my Ketel One serve, easy to execute - nearly every bar in Cayman could serve this cocktail. The goal of this project is to expand to at least thirty bars by the time I'm in Sydney. 

Ketel One Family-Made Vodka, the fresh fruit syrup from Willie's Farm, fresh lime juice, and soda water come together in "Second Life" to form a light and refreshing feel-good cocktail. The garnish is a simple fist bump between the bartender and their guest, connecting people for the greater good.

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Second Life

Glass: 12oz Collins
Garnish: Fist Bump between bartender and customer
Method: Measure all ingredients except soda into shaker tin. Add ice to shaker tin and shake vigorously - until shaker tin is frosty (about 10 seconds depending on the type of ice you have). Strain into collins glass. Add ice - 1 inch cubes or pellet works well, but don't stress, use what you've got! Top with soda water. Serve to guest and "garnish" the cocktail with a fist bump

1.5 oz Ketel One Family-Made Vodka
0.5 oz Second Life Mango Oleo
0.5 oz Fresh Lime Juice
3 oz Soda Water

To make Second Life Mango Oleo:
16 ounces (453g) mango pits and peels, from 4 to 8 mangos depending on type and size
8 ounces plain white sugar, or a raw to semi-refined sugar (about 1 heaped cup; 225g)

Combine mango pits and peels with the sugar in a large non-reactive mixing bowl.
Toss to combine, then cover tightly and let stand at room temperature and set out overnight (between 8 and 12 hours)
Transfer to a fine mesh sieve set over a nonreactive bowl, pressing gently on the peels and pits with a flexible spatula in order to extract as much syrup as possible
Refrigerate syrup for up to 2 weeks in a sterilized glass bottle."