By Guillaume Leblanc

Representing: Indian Ocean

"Because in Reunion Island we are always importing soda & ginger ale, I have decided to use a special type of sugar called Galabé syrup, as a base for a local and flavourful ginger ale. This syrup is made from hand-picked sugar cane. This has been consumed by local people for a long time, this is the history, culture and traditions of our ancestra on the island.

This local, sustainable ginger ale is the return of previously forgotten flavours for the Reunionese community. I use only local ingredients such as Bourbon vanilla, kaffir lime, and high-quality ginger. Now on this little island, we can enjoy a Ketel One Dutch Mule with a tropical taste in most of the best bars, and also at home, Galab Ale is available in specialized stores.

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Galab'Ale Dutch Mule

Glassware: Ketel One mug
Garnish: Galabé candy and sugar cane stick
Method: Fill the mug with ice. Ice it up. Throw the ice. Add the cube of clear ice. Add the Ketel One vodka. Stir a little. Fill to the top with Galab'Ale. Garnish with the stick of sugar cane and give some Galabé candies.

45 ml Ketel One Family-Made Vodka
90 ml Galab'Ale

To make Galab'Ale:
Water 3000 ml
Galabé syrup 530g
Reunion island lemon juice freshly squeezed 128g
Ginger juice freshly juiced 66g
Reunion island lemon skin 33g
Kaffir lime skin 45g
Madagascar wild black pepper 90 pieces
Vanilla bean 45g

Add all ingredients to a sous-vide bag and cook 50°C for 30 mn. Leave to rest & cool. Filter twice. Gasify using drink mate. Store in a refrigerator."