Grow Together Tomatini

Grow Together Tomatini

By Manol Lazarov

Representing: Bulgaria

"There is a gap between the generation that had their hands in the soil and the generations that have everything in the store. But how can we make gardening cool and appealing again? 

Our journey started at the local market in search of some heirloom tomato varieties for our cocktail We soon found out the first community garden was being made in town and we had to do something to get more people involved, so we invited local venue owners for a cocktail and to discuss how can we make it a better place. The drink that brought us together was my clarified version of a ''Tomatini'' with Ketel One

We also got them involved directly so they could have a story to tell to their guests. 

And as one big family, we went to the garden and got our feet wet because we believe that leading by example is the best way to inspire the people around you. We refreshed the garden, built a composter, and bought more tools for everyone who wants to join.

We set up some advertising material in cafes, bars, and beer shops. Instead of flyers that are gonna end up in the trash, we made little packets of seeds that have a QR code directing you to our platform. There you can learn more about the community garden, about plants and other initiatives we plan in the future. Our goal is to inspire young people to be more passionate about plants. To create more green thumbs so we can Grow Together.

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Grow Together Tomatini

Glass: Coupe
Garnish: 1 drop of green oil
Method: Stir all ingredients in a metal tin for 15 seconds and strain into a chilled glass

45 ml Ketel One Family-Made Vodka
90 ml Milk washed tomato mix

To make Milk washed tomato mix(for 26 serves):
1. Get the ripest most umamiest of tomatoes ( if you don't have Bulgarian village heritage tomatoes or similar add some miso)
2. Chop roughly 1,750kg of tomatoes.
3. Blanche: 15gr of fresh dill, 10gr Lovage and 50gr Basil without stems
4. Add the herbs and tomatoes to a blender with:
-250gr lemon juice
-250gr white wine vinegar
-120-150gr sugar (depending on the tomato)
-4gr of lemon zest (Microplaned)
-2gr ground black pepper
-2gr salt
5. Blend until smooth and strain through Superbag or cheesecloth
6. In another vessel measure 25% of the volume of the strained liquid in whole milk.
7. Add the strained tomato juice slowly to the milk, after that give it stir very gently for about a minute
8. Leave 12 to 24 hours in a refrigerator
9. Pour it gently over a coffee filter and don't change the filter until very necessary ( approx yield: 2 litres)
10. To the strained liquid add 20% of its volume, Fino Sherry or 400ml in our case
11. Bottle and store up to 20 days in the fridge ( It will lose some of its aromas for that long though)"