Holy Moly Mary

Holy Moly Mary

An innovative twist of two beloved classics, the Bloody Mary and a Mule, combining the refreshing, savoury flavours from pickled tomato with a touch of spice from ginger beer in one sublime cocktail. Food is the foundation on which our community is built, yet we know little about incredible ingredients grown on farms in Singapore.

This Holy Moly Mary cocktail uses pickled tomatoes and other ingredients from the neighbourhood to support the farmers and share skills and knowledge on those hidden treasures in the community.

Holy Moly Mary

By Bannie Kang, Singapore

Glass: Collins
Garnish: Pickled cherry tomato and dill sprig
How to make: Dry shake (without ice) first 3 ingredients. Shake again with ice and fie strain into chilled glass. Top with ginger beer and garnish
50 ml Ketel One Family-made Vodka
5 pcs Pickle cherry tomato
40 ml Pickering water
300 ml East Imperial Ginger Beer

How to make Pickled Tomato

1.Combine the following ingredients everything in a pan and heat until the sugar is dissolved. Then set a side to cool.
100ml white wine vinegar
200gm white sugar
300ml water
2peel lemon skin
1gm dill
1gm black peppercorns

2. Add 500 grams of vine tomatoes to cold pickle water and leave to steep overnight.

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