Impactful purchasing

Impactful purchasing

Founder of mobile bartending business Perfect Serve, Travis Kuhn is a bartender in South Africa.

Travis' Better Drinking campaign surrounds impactful purchasing. He encourages impactful purchasing whereby the community buys from local suppliers, which in turn betters the people and promotes sustainability.

He partnered up with The Haven, a shelter which enables vulnerable people by uplifting their skills. Those in the shelter are creating ingredients which are otherwise purchased at supermarkets. This can include ginger syrups, or a Bloody Mary mix, which bartenders can purchase for the cocktails they produce in their bars.

Travis' drink, the Haven Mary, is made using Ketel One Vodka, dry sherry and The Haven Mary mix.

Through Travis' campaign, he reached out to 50 venues in South Africa and got them involved in the project. The bars used The Haven Mary mix in their drinks and sold it for an entire month, inspiring impactful purchasing on a much larger scale.

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