Jack Of All Trades

Jack Of All Trades

By Sahil Essani

Representing: India

"A month back, I learnt that a fruit that grows in our backyards could solve more problems than I imagined. Jackfruit is a jack of all trades from being one of the highest yielding fruits in the world at an average of 7 kgs to being one of the least demanding towards the soil.

Apart from being consumed as a delicious fruit, it can be also consumed as a vegan alternative to meat as well, the seeds can be roasted and eaten as is or be turned into flour that has fewer sugars than standard starches like rice and wheat.

My Ketel One initiative is built around unlocking the potential of the jackfruit by creating an ecosystem for consumption and facilitation of a fruit which is otherwise considered a poor man's food and has a statistical wastage of over 70%. To facilitate this, I am sending upcycled reusable cork coasters to bars across India, these coasters contain a QR code with a Linktree to sustainable Jackfruit producers as well as a form to get on the Linktree. Along with the drink, I am also giving each order with a seed pouch that is easy to plant. The intention is to give Jackfruit farmers the chance that they deserve in the form of the Jack of All Trades.

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Jack of All Trades

Glassware: Nude Finesse old-fashioned
Garnish: Roasted Jackfruit Seed, seed pouch
1. Place coaster on the guest cover before starting the drink.
2. Add ice to a stirring glass and chill it, strain out the dilution.
3. Add Ketel One and the Jackfruit curry leaf ferment and stir till it reaches subzero temperatures.
4. Strain over a block of ice.
5. Garnish with a roasted jackfruit seed.
6. Serve responsibly.

45 ml Ketel One Family-Made Vodka
90 ml Fermented Jackfruit and curry leaf juice

To make Fermented Jackfruit and Curryleaf Juice:
1000 gms - Jackfruit (deseeded, store the seeds)
500 gms - Castor Sugar
2000 ml - Water
10gms - Activated brewer's Yeast
50gms - Curry leaves

1. Combine 1000ml of the water with jackfruit and cook at 75 degrees for 5 minutes.
2. Blend the jackfruit into a pulp and add sugar as well as water.
3. Wait till the mixture is at room temperature and add activated yeast.
4. Store in a cool clean dry place with curry leaves in the mixture for 5 days.
5. Strain this mixture, first through a colander, then Aa fine strainer and finally a coffee filter.
6. Adjust with sugars and acids if required to balance the ferment.
7. Store this mixture in a cool dry place."