Jeni Mule

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Jeni Mule

Jenipapo Fruit from the Amazon forest to the Paraisópolis favela.

"There are no environmental problems, there are only environmental symptoms of human problems"
Robert Gilman

50 ml Ketel One family-made vodka
30 ml Sugar syrup
20 ml Lemon juice (freshly squeezed)
Served over ice topped with Jenipapo foam

  • Jenipapo is a fruit found in the Amazon rainforest. In Guarani, Jenipapo means "fruit that is used to paint", a reference to its being used for body painting by the native peoples of Brasil.
  • Jenipapo fruit is also used by Haroldo Narciso of Famigerada Distillery in São Paulo city to produce Jeni liquor.
  • The Jeni liquor is sent to the bartender Marcelo Serrano who uses it to make a Jenipapo foam to finish this version of Moscow Mule with Jenipapo foam in place of ginger beer.
  • Haroldo Narciso and Marcelo Serrano are working together to help people from the Paraisópolis favela by providing a FREE bartending course. Haroldo sets aside part of the profits from the sale of Jeni liquor to promote the course, including uniforms, bar tools and a drink book. Today more than 70% of those who have attended the course already have a job.

Marcelo Serrano

Marcelo Serrano is a mixologist, consultant and partner in the bar business. He began his career more than 20 years ago in London, participating in exclusive events such as Madonna's birthday party and the premiere of the movie Matrix. In 2006, he returned to Brazil and visited several places such as Buddha Bar, Myny Bar, Brasserie des Arts, Diageo, and Venuto, the first bar where was a partner.

He is the creator of the famous gingerbread foam for one of the most requested drinks in the world, the Moscow Mule. With a solid career, Marcelo is a bar consultant who provides workshops, consulting and training. In addition, he is an ambassador for Mist products and Mist Ginger Foam, which bears his signature.

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