Joy Comes In The Morning

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Joy Comes In The Morning

By Kelvin Thairu

I'm from Kangemi, a diverse neighborhood in Nairobi where the wealthy, working-class and poor people live side by side. The pandemic has been a hard reality for people in my community, some who can't afford one meal or just a simple breakfast. I work for Trademark Hotel where about 50% of my colleagues were sent home on unpaid leave due to the drop in business because of the pandemic too.

Trademark Hotel is based one of the busiest malls in Kenya called the Village Market and It has several eateries and bars. I have developed a project that will assist in providing breakfast necessities to hard-hit families in my neighborhood, my colleagues on unpaid leave and the needy in general.

I have created a Ketel One cocktail that incorporates basic Kenyan breakfast necessities i.e. milk, tea, sugar and eggs. We are promoting the cocktail in my outlet and partnering with other bars and eateries in the mall. For every cocktail sold, USD $1 will be contributed to a fund, which will cater to provide breakfast necessities to needy families in my neighborhood, my colleagues on unpaid leave and a children's home in my location.

The idea is to purchase tea leaves directly from local tea farmers, milk and eggs from affected families that keep dairy cows and practice poultry farming. Sales have been minimal, but with more customers buying to support my project they will sell more eggs and milk. That is the immediate effect of my project. My long-term objective is to incorporate most bars in the Westlands area near my home town Kangemi.

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Tea Ketel

Glass: Line Highball
Garnish: Black pepper and turmeric brewed purple tea
Method: Mix in a shaker: 30ml homemade lemon cordial, 20ml egg white, 50ml whey, 45ml black pepper and turmeric brewed purple tea and 50ml Ketel One Vodka.
dry shake thoroughly to emulsify the egg white and acquire a foam. Add ice and shake for 5 second . Double strain in a glass with ice.
Garnish with a dust of purple tea salt and serve

Ingredients: Lemon Cordial: 30ml
Lemon 7pcs, Castor sugar 250ml, Lemon juice 300ml
Whey: Whole milk 350ml, freshly squeezed grapefruit juice 200ml
Black Pepper and turmeric brewed purple tea: Hot water 300ml, purple tea 30grams, black pepper powder 4grams, turmeric powder 2grams

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