Ketel One Hive Mind

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Ketel One Hive Mind

By Mark McClintock
Great Britain

Knowledge - Carbon foot-print - Promotion of local businesses.

I often see incredible concoctions and wonder how did they do that? Where did they get the ingredients?

I want to create a platform that would allow bartenders to share their knowledge of their unique local areas. Connecting the global bartending community and the wealth of experience of those in the network, inspiring bartenders to rework methods to their local products and contribute to the growth of the project.

This platform would come in the form of an app but could be rolled onto a website too – this format makes my concept scalable and allows knowledge to be accessed globally.

Bartenders would contribute by geotagging locations onto the app helping to raise awareness of ingredients that can be foraged, championing independent grocers or allowing businesses such as restaurants, bars and distilleries to advertise a supply of consumable waste that could be shared and used amongst the local community.

Inspired by one of my favourite bars (Little Mercies) the app would also have a database of cocktail recipes and how-to's for ingredients. Cocktails and ingredients would be searchable and linked by geotagging, with recipes connected to the bars they are being used in (if the contributor desires).

Foraged ingredients would also be searchable and filterable by seasonality.

Initially the app would be a collaboration by bartenders from the World Class community with the end goal being a platform that any bartender, anywhere in the world could use and contribute their own knowledge, ingredients and how-to's championing their local communities efforts on a global stage.


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Hive Mind Milk Punch

Glass: Rocks Glass - Nude Finesse
Garnish: Rosemary sprig
Method: To make Hive Mind Milk Punch:
- Add 500ml of Ketel One to 200ml of Hive Mind Punch
- Add Ketel One and Hive Mind Punch mix to 200ml of Whole Milk - add punch to milk, not the other way around
- Allow to rest and curdle for 30mins
- Strain through coffee filters until crystal clear - do this twice if necessary (but once should be enough)
- Your Hive Mind Milk Punch is now ready to serve!

To Serve:
- Pour 75ml of Hive Mind Milk Punch over cubed in Nude Finesse Rocks Glass
- Stir for 5 seconds to chill and slightly dilute
- Top up with more cubed ice if necessary - there should be no floating ice
- Garnish with tip of rosemary sprig

18ml Whole Milk
45ml Ketel One Family Made Vodka (Hive Mind Punch)
Coffee and Passionfruit Syrup
Elderflower and rosemary tea

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