Komuna 13

Komuna 13

Juan David Zapata from Colombia is a graduate of Diageo's Learning for Life educational programme designed to transform lives of young people through training, from bartending and hospitality to entrepreneurship.

Juan's hometown, Comuna 13, was once heavily stigmatised due to gang crime and violence. In the footsteps of Diageo, his concept is dedicated to transforming the lives of youths living there today.

Accordingly, Juan's Better Drinking project Komuna 13 focused on sustainability within his community. The project involved the recycling of Ketel One Vodka bottles by crafting them into functional glassware which was then sold to bars. The funds raised were then reinvested back into the community.

Juan also visited the highlands on the outskirts of Comuna 13 to meet with famers. Here, Juan can reach fresh ingredients such as celery and coriander, while buying directly from the farmers without an intermediary. As a result, the farmers benefit financially from the direct sale.

Juan's cocktail during the project was a twist on a Bloody Mary using ingredients bought from local farmers and served in the recycled glassware made by the young people of Comuna 13.

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