Made Family

Made Family

Daniel Seehuusen

Representing: Sweden

"Made Family is a series of events, a platform to extend and bring our loved ones together.

Working in the hospitality industry is the most incredible and awarding experience. No days are alike, and we get to meet guest and colleagues from all corners of the world. We turn strangers into friends, co-workers into family, and together, we build a stronger community.  A simple gathering as a brunch, can be a start of something great. Through this initiative we can indulge conversation and build unexpected relationships.

The goal is to make our families into one big family.

I challenge you to host a brunch, not for yourself but for you co-workers family members. The greater understanding, we have for each other, we can improve ourselves in our careers, and in life. 

The Made Family cocktail is based on ingredients that often are overlooked. With sustainability front of mind and creativity, we can give new purpose to these flavorful ingredients, I believe there is always more to give. Together with leftovers mint sprigs, citrus peels & ginger pulp, acids & sweetness I have created a refreshing Ketel One cocktail inspired by simplicity and accessibility. A cocktail, so easy anyone can make it.

Made Family a brunch with Family Made Ketel One, a small act of kindness to invest in relationships, for generations to come.

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Made Family

Glassware: Double Old Fashioned
Garnish: Lemon Peel on top of ice
Method: Build in glass

30ml Ketel One Family-Made Vodka
60ml Scraps Cordial

To make Scraps Cordial:
750 ml Water
100 gr Sugar
7 gr Citric Acid
1 gr Malic Acid
40 gr Mint Sprigs
40 gr Ginger Pulp
30 gr Grapefruit Peels
15 gr Lemon Peels

Mix in a blender

Fine strain"