Ketel One For Each One

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Ketel One For Each One

By Nikos Ginargiros

Do we want a sustainable future for next generations? Raise a generation of conscious minded individuals? Without action none of these is possible.
Raising children with ideals is one way to get to the root of these issues rather than solving them with half measures. But living in the remote island of Paxos in Northern Greece, where in just 30 km2; there are 2.300 residents, a single school unit and lack of essential educational resources, make it even more challenging.

Driven by that and the crisis brought from the pandemic, my team and I created the project: Ketel One for Each One. We bottled-up Ketel One cocktails, created a website and sold them. Profits were used to buy stationery equipment for the local school. Starting in February 2021, through the program we sold 610 cocktails and raised 3.690 €, supporting 13 students in total.

The sustainable ethos of the Ketel One family has inspired us to support the local community, reduce our carbon footprint, focus on seasonal ingredients and most of all, make a change with great impact. Having been raised in similar challenging conditions, the rest of the community of Paxos joined our endeavour; all cocktail ingredients came from local producers while all transportations and deliveries were by bikes.

My ultimate goal for Ketel One for Each One is to grow and collaborate side by side with bars from every corner of Greece. The initiative is applicable all year round even in the most remote places in the world – The first step is already done here in Paxos, Greece.... Will you join us?

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One for One

Glass: Highball Glass - Nude Mirage
Method: in a chilled Nude Mirage Glass (300ml) pour:
- 45ml Ketel One Family Made Vodka
- Fill it with cubed Ice
- Stir Gently
- Pour 90ml One for One Soda
(Add More ice if needed.)
Gently stir and add the non-perishable garnish.

- 100ml pink grapefruit Oleosaccharum
- 700ml water
- 200ml tomato water
- 8grams black pepper
- 3grams star anise
- 6.6grams citric acid
- 66 grams Reduced Bitter Italian Aperitif
- 1gram salt

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