Pens Up

Pens Up

Claude Delima

Representing: Philippines

"'Baling' Deforestation, landslides, floods and many more are the problems we are facing right now in the Philippines. And as the time goes by these problems become bigger and bigger. That's why I created the Pen's Up initiative.

This aims to 'teach' the filipino people to have the awareness of taking care of our environment. In our own small way we can give thanks to mother earth.

My cocktail comes with a plantable pencil that bars can use for their garnish. When they serve the drink guests can either take the pencil and plant it in their homes or they can leave it for the bar to plant, this is also a way to encourage bars in the Philippines to plant their own garnishes like herbs and spices.

Mother earth has given us so much! from our food, to the water we drink. To the materials that we use in our cocktails, down to the ingredients used in making our delicious spirits. Let's TURN the tide around. This time, we help our environment. "Ibaling natin ang pabor". Let's return the favour.

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Glassware: Nick & Nora
Garnish: Tomato and Jicama leather & Plantable Pencil
Method: Throw all ingredients with ice.

45 ml Ketel One Family-Made Vodka
90 ml Bloody Mary Mix Cordial

To make Bloody Mary Mix Cordial:
Mix in 600ml fresh tomato Juice, 400ml Jicama Juice and 50ml Calamansi juice and boil. Next add in 5ml of black pepper and 5ml of coco amino and add 150ml of Green Chartreuse."