Plant More Trees

Plant More Trees

By Raphael Betti

Representing: Benelux

"Ketel one is a brand that stands strongly for sustainability. Knowing this, my initiative was created with the idea of offsetting the carbon emissions that my trip to Sydney to participate in the World Class final will produce.

With each sale of my Plant More Trees cocktail, €2 will be raised to go directly into a tree planting initiative and many bars in my city are participating.

The drink is created with only regional and seasonal produce, combing beetroot juice, a locally sourced high-quality honey and some malic acid as a source of acidity, to create an earthy, sweet and sour drink. The malic acid goes extremely well with the earthy notes of beetroot, making it a real "luxembourgish" drink and is a more sustainable option compared to fresh citrus juices. Leek sprouts make it almost look like a mini-tree, underlining my inititative even more and adding a sharp herbal flavour. 

The drink shows once more, that simplicity is key. Only a few ingredients, locally sourced and well picked, can make a great drink with a powerful message.

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Plant More Trees

Glass: Highball
Garnish: Leek sprouts
Method: Build in glass

50 ml Ketel One Family-Made Vodka
100 ml Beetroot Juice Mix

To make Beetroot Juice Mix:
100 gr cold-pressed fresh beetroot juice
25 gr honey (locally sourced organic)
25 gr sugar
5 gr malic acid
Cold press fresh beetroots and fine strain the juice."