Rebuilding Kumamoto Castle

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Rebuilding Kumamoto Castle

By Shinya Koba

Japan is often hit by natural disasters, displacing people and affecting the way we live. Five years ago, my hometown of Kumamoto was devastated by a massive earthquake. Kumamoto Castle, the iconic heart of our city for over 400 years, was also severely damaged. The reconstruction is estimated to take over 20 years.

I'm deeply connected to my city, and this Ketel One Challenge is an opportunity for me to help with the reconstruction of a landmark that is part of our life force.

I have created a project team that includes a winery and local herb and citrus farms. Kumamoto Winery were keen to join, having themselves lost countless bottles in the quake.

Working as a team, we will create two new products.

The first is a homemade vermouth, the winery's dessert wine, local herbs and local citrus peels from pruned fruit to reduce waste. The second product is a verjuice syrup that makes use of grapes that had previously been discarded. Using my recipes, we will commercialize both products and make them for sale at the winery and participating stores in the city. 10% of the sales of these two products will be donated from the winery to the reconstruction of Kumamoto Castle.

This project will be promoted and driven by my cocktail, the Phoenix Martini, which makes use of the 2 ingredients.

Kumamoto is called the land of fire, and through my Phoenix Martini, I will help raise the Kumamoto Castle from the ashes.

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Phoenix Martini

Glass: Cocktail Glass - Nude Terroir Coupette
Garnish: Muscat compote garnish on a dried grape vine
Method: Add Ketel One Vodka, Chardonnay Verjuice and Homemade Vermouth to a mixing glass filled with good quality ice and stir 70 times. Garnish with muscat compote skewered on a dried grape vine and serve on a grape leaf.

30ml Chardonnay Verjuice
20ml Homemade Vermouth
45ml Ketel One Family Made Vodka

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