Secrets for a longer life...

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Secrets for a longer life...

By Fernando Rodriguez
Costa Rica

In the Nicoya Peninsula, far from the capital of Costa Rica, you will find the largest blue zone in the world, where longevity exceeds 100 years.

Under the concept of organic agriculture, free of artificial products, humble and cheerful farmers seek to open a space in the local market and attract the spotlight of the country's tourism sector to promote their lifestyle. Such as Don Miguel (who has not had to go to the hospital in more than 20 years)

These farmers face difficulties in getting the background of their organic crops valued and marketed. By making known the farmers efforts and positive effects of these crops in our lives, we will generate a greater sales volume. This channel will also help to support them to maintain their quality of life and positivism.

For this challenge, their inhabitants revealed to me the secrets of their longevity and happiness: hard work, family, and food based on a traditional Mesoamerican diet: "The diet of the three sisters," which includes: squash, beans, and corn.

By creating signature cocktails such as the "Three Sisters Martini," which uses ingredients from this traditional diet, I seek to raise awareness of the blue zone in my country, generate new sales channels in local restaurants and promote the benefits of these products to attract local and foreign consumers. Thus, directly improving the quality of life and the conditions of the inhabitants of this incredible region.

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Three Sisters Martini

Glass: Nick and Nora
Garnish: Raw costarican bee honey, squash seed powder, rosebud, squash leather, and squash curls
Method: Technique: Stir

  1. In a mixing glass, place the Ketel One infusion with organic squash.
  2. Add the Cocchi Americano and stir with ice.
  3. Serve in a Nick and Nora glass. Use a brush to spread the honey from the end of the cadis to the top of the glass. Add the coriander seeds.
  4. Make a skewer with squash leather and a rosebud.
  5. Serve the cocktail and finish garnishing with the squash curls.

Ketel One Infusion with Organic Squash:
Place 200 grams of ground squash with 200 ml of Ketel One. Vacuum pack, make sure the water is at 25°C, and take to sous vide for 30 minutes at the same temperature. Allow to cool and strain through a cloth.

60ml Ketel One Family Made Vodka with Organic Squash infusion
15ml Cocchi Americano

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