Social Garden

Social Garden

By Vítězslav Cirok

Representing: Czech Republic

"In all parts of the world, we can find some crucial problems or situations that we should be solving together. In some parts of the world it's poverty, lack of water or education.

One of the problems in the country called the heart of Europe, where I live and work is an ageing population. Often lonely people who are without families and relatives that have almost zero social contact.

In Karlovy Vary, a small spa city in Western Bohemia, a unique project of a senior community garden was launched at the beginning of 2021. The aim of this project is not only to give space for seniors to grow something but also to create an opportunity for mutual knowledge and making new friendships. It's a great idea that I think should continue to evolve in other cities and countries.

In order to support this project, we did not hesitate and connected with them. Now we use their seasonal ingredients, which we further process in various forms, such as cordials, fruit wines or garnishes. By this, we try to support not only the garden locality but also themselves, so that they have better motivation to engage in gardening.

The ingredients are used by locals as well as Prague bars. 
By doing this, we are trying to raise awareness of the project, thanks to which we will hopefully be able to expand the capacity of the garden in the future and help implement this amazing project in other cities. The goal is to involve as many bars and restaurants as possible across the country. 

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Social Garden

Glassware: Highball
Garnish: Pickled quince and fresh bayleaf
Method: Pour Ketel One over ice in Highball and top up with Garden Soda.

40 ml Ketel One Family-Made Vodka
100 ml Social Garden Soda

To make Social Garden Soda:
Chop strawberries, quince and herbs grown in the community garden and place in sous vide bags. For 1 L of cordial, we need 100g strawberries, 70g quince, 10g bayleaf, 450g sugar, 1000ml of water and cook in sous-vide at 45 degrees for 4 hours. After that, strain through cheesecloth or a coffee filter. Add 10g citric acid, 10g malic acid and 5g ascorbic acid. Leave to rest for a day.

We then mix with soda in a ratio of 4:1. 250 ml of Cordial, 750 ml of water and carbonation with CO2."