Social responsibility

Social responsibility

Orri Páll Vilhjálmsson is the owner of Apotek Restaurant in Iceland.

Orri believes bars and restaurants have a social responsibility to fight against food waste. He created the Ketel One Brunch Talk, bringing together bartenders in the community for food, cocktails and a discussion on better drinking solutions.

For Orri, there are many benefits of living in Iceland. Besides clean water and low pollution levels, many farmers use renewable geothermal energy to grow food in greenhouses. While many ingredients are readily available, Orri began to look around him for other alternatives including seaweed.

In Apotek Restaurant, the team make fresh syrups and infusions, utilising the ingredients around them. However, Orri recognises this produces leftover waste and pulp. One solution was Orri's drink the No Waste Mule, made with leftover ingredients typically thrown out from both the bar and kitchen.

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