Spirit of coffee

Spirit of coffee

Arvis Zemanis is the co-founder of Cafe / Bar Herbārijs in Latvia.

Arvis loves working with coffee. For his Better Drinking concept, the Spirit of Coffee, he felt inspired to provide training around the coffee industry.

He begun by using social media platforms to educate his fellow bartenders on the process of coffee, from bean to cocktail. Arvis highlights there are four important aspects, including region, roasting, baristas and bartenders.

Arvis considered coffee farmers and spoke with farmers in Panama to learn their role in the growing process. He then reached out to a coffee roaster in Crete and discovered how they create a balanced-flavoured bean.

Arvis also approached a barista, who focuses on the art of coffee making and the drinking experience. The last element Arvis explored is bartending. He believes bartenders should collaborate more frequently with baristas, coffee roasters and coffee farmers, so that they can all benefit from direct trade relationships and offer consumers a better drinking experience as well.

During the project, Arvis's bar donated one euro of each Espresso Martini sale to Kenyan coffee farmers.

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