Square One

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Square One

By Francisco Vaccalluzzo

My name is Francisco, I live in Cordoba, Argentina, in a neighborhood called Güemes, which is filled with bars and serves as the city's main destination for cocktails. However, ten years ago, most of these bars didn't exist. Güemes' main attraction was a street market with local farmers during the day and artisan shops at night. This started bringing a lot of tourists and traffic to the neighborhood, making it possible for bars to thrive. Nowadays, more people come to Güemes for the culinary scene than they do for the street market, which is gradually starting to decline. Especially after the pandemic, which has obviously hit the street vendors hard, since there are a lot less tourists coming in and they don't make enough sales.

My project aims to create an item in bars' menus that's made using ingredients purchased from shops in the street market. This way we can support the local vendors as a way of thanking them for helping our businesses grow, and so that everyone can keep making a living out of what they love to do. It's called Square One because the things that we can more readily change are the ones closest to us.

My mission is to get as many bars involved as possible because if every bar in Güemes had one item on their menu for which they would source the ingredients from different vendors, we could really make an impact since we would be helping a big part of the local community.

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Mule From The Hood

Glass: Highball Glass - Line Highball
Garnish: Blue-box leaves
Method: Start with a freezer-chilled Highball Glass (Line Highball - 390ml) full of cubed ice.
Add the ginger beer.
Shake the first four ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice. (tangerine vodka, honey syrup, lemon juice, vinegar)
Double-strain on top of the ginger beer.
Stir gently.
Add more cubed ice to fill the glass, if necessary.
Garnish with blue-box leaves.

45ml Dried tangerine peel-infused Ketel One Family Made Vodka*
22.5ml Aromatized honey syrup (1 part organic carob honey : 1 part lemon verbena+lemon balm+chamomile infusion)
22.5ml Fresh lemon juice
2ml Organic apple cider vinegar
60ml Ginger beer (Fever Tree)

*For tangerine-infused vodka: Steep 30g of the dried tangerine peels in 500ml of Ketel One Vodka for 1 hour. Fine strain.

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