The Bartenders Apprentice

The Bartenders Apprentice

Michael Scheffler

Representing: Switzerland

"In the last two years working in hospitality was challenging. Many terminated bartending and most of the bars are still looking for staff today. I also noticed, that the perception of a Bartender leaves room for improvement. I'm asked "Bartender... and whats your real job?" 

With the Bartenders Apprentice, I'd like to address these issues. 

Therefore I held reports in bar- and hotel- schools for young graduates and shared my passion towards bartending with them. For future bartenders I founded a scholarship, which will provide a paid internships over the course of one month. In the first run four of the applicants will work and learn in four famous Swiss bars for one week each. Experiencing different concepts and venues and being taught by excellent hosts  results in a practical understanding, what a cocktail bar can be.  Networking is essential to our craft and tying to these bars will have a positive impact. In exchange these venues are offered two helping hands for one month, which addresses staff shortage. 

In a long-term vision we can expand and include bars internationally and exchange applicants between countries. 
The Project is financed by numerous venues offering my Ketel One cocktail. Garnished with ginger, which mirrors the process of starting small, growing and connecting if the right soil is provided, The Bartenders Apprentice casts the seeds for the next generations roots, reflected in my community cocktail made from roasted cardamom and ginger lemonade, perfectly paired with Ketel One. 

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The Bartenders Apprentice

Glassware: Highball
Garnish: One slice of ginger
1. Add 50 ml Ketel One Vodka to a prechilled highball glass with ice cubes.
2. Add 100 ml of roasted cardamom ginger lemonade
3. Garnish

50ml Ketel One Family-Made Vodka
100ml Roasted cardamom ginger lemonade

To make Cardamom ginger lemonade:
1. Combine 100 g of roasted cardamom seeds with 250 ml of Ketel One Vodka and sous vide at 60°C for 2 h.
2. Combine 80 g of fresh cut ginger with 250 ml of Ketel One Vodka and sous vide at 60°C for 2 h.
3. Strain out the solids from both liquids and blend them together.
4. Add 1.5 kg of white sugar, 150 g of citric acid and stir to dissolve.
5. For 1 l of lemonade combine 80 ml of cordial with 920 ml of soda water."