The Botanical Balcony Club

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The Botanical Balcony Club

By Sofia Madjarova

Due to the pandemic, a big part of our community has lost hope in the face of bartending as a source of stable professional growth. Spending a lot of time in our homes, however, pushed us to rediscover every inch of them, turning them into a form of social currency.

The Botanical Balcony Club is an online platform that strives to restore confidence in our community and ignite a new spark in people to mix quality drinks, helping them turn their homes into a creative and social space with information on growing their own gardens.

It allows them to enrich themselves with a whole range of botanicals from mint and basil to tropical fruits and rare ingredients like the maypop and the ancient medlar fruit, as well as sustainable practices and endangered ingredients, with the help of comprehensive educational content: photos, videos and masterclasses.

Тhe thirst for knowledge and innovation is what makes us bartenders and the Botanical Balcony Club will reconnect and inspire our global community. We will exchange tips and ideas for new ways to implement botanicals in mixed drinks. We will contact and send ingredients to each other that are not otherwise available in different countries. We will take care of our gardens together.

Creating personalized drinks makes us creative and leads us on the path to new types of social connections that will reignite the confidence of our industry. Sharing our creations with those closest to us the online community as we welcome the sunshine on our little sky platforms will be our much-needed daily dose of marvellousness.

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Urban Eden

Glass: Highball
Garnish: Mint
Method: Place a highball glass the in freezer or fridge until completely frosted and chilled.
Take the glass out of the freezer and and fill to the top with ice cubes.
Pour 45 ml Ketel One Family Made Vodka into the highball.
After that pour 30ml of the Urban Eden cordial (strawberry, black pepper, rose geranium and citric acid cordial) into the highball as well.
Stir the Ketel One Family Made Vodka and Urban Eden cordial with a bar spoon until incorporated and cold.
After stirring add an additional ice cube to the highball if needed.
Top the drink with mint kombucha and garnish with a fresh sprig of mint.

Rose Geranium
Black Peppercorns
Citric Acid
Mint Kombucha

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