The Butterfly Community

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The Butterfly Community

By Marian Krause

Marian Krause discovered that in a a wealthy country like Germany, with the abundance of food being brought in from all around the globe, it is no challenge to buy fruit or veg all year long.

However, this is harming his local environment and is causing excessive use of resources. Resources we ALL need.

This is where the BUTTERFLY COMMUNITY emerges.

With his community he creates a regenerative food forest for the Hospitality industry.

A piece of Farmland paid by the earnings of his WORLD CLASS Drink "CONFETTI" and from the Butterfly Tokens which you can purchase for 10€ and pay with it. By just buying one drink or token you can be a part of.

The larger the Community grows, the larger is the positive impact on Nature.

Organic and seasonal products harvested on the Butterfly fields will be donated back to the community, guaranteeing freshness and taste of the best quality organic foods available.

A reason to celebrate? We believe yes. Included in the purchase is a CONFETTI MIX OF SEEDS that you should spread with joy in the air like at a Holi festival or like Carnival here in Cologne.

Once thrown up in the air, the seeds in the confetti will start to sprout around the City trees, giving wasps, bees and butterflies a new home, without helping the insects, there can be no Butterfly effect.

Are YOU ready to help?

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Glass: Cocktail Glass - Nick and Nora
Garnish: Gently place the dried flowers on the right side of the cocktail. Please do not use too many flowers and the flowers should be in different colours.
Method: Serve the cocktail with the seed confetti and Butterfly Torken.
For better handling you can dilute the honey a little with water in the ratio of fife parts honey and one part water
For the infusion please mix 50g cornflakes with 200ml oat milk in a blender for one minute. Strain the milk through a very fine filter (better superbag). ready!

30ml Oat milk infused Cornflakes
15ml Wildflower Honey
20ml Seabuckthorn juice
50ml Ketel One Family Made Vodka

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