The Hand Up Mentorship Program

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The Hand Up Mentorship Program

By Brent Perremore
South Africa

Community + Passion = Upliftment

"The Hand Up Mentorship Program" came about as there was a realisation that many of our brothers and sisters in the bar and hospitality industry were being left behind and unable to progress.

This issue may have many different reasons, but whilst some of us have had some success in our careers, we cannot stand by and not try and help in at least a small way.

How do we move forward as a community when so many of us struggle to find success no matter how hard we work? We feel the reason maybe because of the lack of exposure to the knowledge one would attain from having a mentor. Mentors share their personal experiences, pass on trusted information, guide them and set them on a path for greatness.

As a community, we recognise that we need to see more integration, diversity and inclusion on all levels.

Currently, we have earmarked ten of South Africa's topmost inspiring and experienced industry experts to be these mentors. In conjunction with Diageo S.A, these experts will find ten passionate mentees each to inspire, mould, and equip to be the best they can be, essentially giving 100 individuals a chance of a lifetime.

So by the time World Class 2022 comes around, they will have the confidence and the skill required to compete at the highest level.

Besides standard bar basics being part of the curriculum, the material will include integrating sustainable ingredients, however, most importantly, sustainability of one's life in leading a healthy balanced lifestyle to maintain a long and successful career in hospitality.

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Cacao Affair

Glass: Highball glass - tapered highball
Garnish: Long trimmed orange peel
Method: Roll the vodka, cacao infused vermouth, cascara syrup. Pour over fresh ice and top with cacao soda. 1 rotation stir and ice lift to mix.
Spritz with orange zest and garnish with long trimmed zest.

40ml Ketel One Family Made Vodka
37.5ml Cacao Infused Vermouth
100ml Cacao soda
20ml Cascara syrup

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