The Land Of The Butterfly

The Land Of The Butterfly

By Mihai Pop

Representing: Romania

"The Land Of The Butterfly is a community project that is based near my hometown of Cluj Napoca. Four species of the protected Maculinea butterflies are exclusive to this area and the only place in Europe where they live together. Their habitat is sensitive to modern machinery and human intervention.

The locals here still grow their fruits and plants in a basic and traditional way, with love and responsibility for the environment. But the average income in this area is around 5 Euro per day, through our awareness campaign, we can support the local producers in their quest to protect this microhabitat.

This cocktail is inspired by the local culture in this land, their attention to nature and their love for these unique butterflies.

By using local produce we can make them shine in a Ketel One vodka-based cocktail, with a spirit that is a pioneer in sustainability and impacting communities in a positive way. 

The Land Of The Blue Butterfly cocktail uses a homemade lavender liquor made with local lavender and local honey. In addition to that, a local dry blackcurrant wine.

As a garnish, a piece of puzzle that contains seeds of flowers that the butterflies need. When the piece of puzzle is put on the coaster, it forms the map of the Land.

By involving bars in Cluj Napoca to support this project, 10% of the sales of every drink will be donated to The Land Of The Butterfly project. 

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The Land of the Blue Butterfly

Glassware: Collins glass
Garnish: Puzzle piece with flower seeds
Method: Add all ingredients into a mixing glass. Stir with ice and strain into a chilled collins glass filled with ice. Garnish with the piece of the puzzle and serve it on the coaster.

50 ml Ketel One Family-Made Vodka
50 ml Local blackcurrant dry wine
25 ml Local lavender & honey homemade liqueur

To make Local lavender & honey homemade liqueur 25 ml:
5 gr local lavender
200 ml hot water
Make a lavender tea. Infuse for 5 minutes and strain through a coffee filter
Add 50 gr of your local honey and stir to dissolve
Add 150 ml of Ketel One Vodka
Bottle, label and keep refrigerated."