The Turning Point

The Turning Point

By Joshua (JJ) Hendricks

Representing: South Africa

"UBU is a South African organization that helps equip members of the community with skills and resources to self-build homes and places of belonging by means of sandbag houses. This preserves the dignity of the occupants by providing agency over how they can build and expand their homes according to their needs and available resources. These informal settlements are often troubled by rampant gang violence, shack fires, and noise pollution. The sandbag houses are more structurally sound than the standard zinc shacks found in informal settlements and come with added benefits such as being fire-resistant, eco-friendly, and cost-effective. The Turning Point project has partnered up with UBU to provide support in funding the resources used for these houses. We have created a cocktail named after the project which will be sold in selected venues across the country to raise the funds for UBU. The Turning Point cocktail is a simple two-ingredient, stirred cocktail that consists of Ketel One Vodka and a strawberry-rooibos shrub. The shrub uses locally farmed strawberries and ingredients that support local vendors. It is served over ice and garnished with a mint bouquet and a lemon-scented beaded key which we have bought to support local bead artists. This key is a symbolic representation of home ownership and goes through a journey from the hands of the bead artists to bartenders, and finally to our guests which in turn helps give real keys to real homes to members of our community.

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The Turning Point

Glassware: 330ml Tumbler
Garnish: Mint bouquet and beaded key (lemon oil infused)
Method: Chill stirring beaker
Add Ketel One and the strawberry and rooibos shrub to the stirring beaker
Add ice and stir to dilute
Strain into a tumbler over ice
Garnish with a mint bouquet and beaded key

50ml Ketel One Family-Made Vodka
70ml Strawberry and Rooibos Shrub

To make Strawberry and Rooibos Shrub:

250g strawberries
150g strong rooibos tea
100g white sugar
200g white spirit vinegar

Add all ingredients to a vacuum-sealed bag. Sous vide at 57 Celcius for 3 hours. Strain through a coffee filter and bottle.

Garnish Method:
Gather 3 mint sprigs to form a bouquet and place them in the drink. Drop 3 drops of lemon oil on the wooden beaded key and place the key next to the bouquet."