The Villager

The Villager

By Victor Obanya

Representing: Nigeria

"My Ketel One cocktail is called 'The Villager'. This is inspired by palm wine, a local alcoholic beverage created from the sap of palm trees in Nigeria. Despite its popularity across the nation, palm wine is rarely seen on bar menus due to its short shelf life.

Partnering with Palm Afrika, a small business that taps and processes palm wine, I created the palm wine shrub. This is the first of its kind, and it gives palm wine a shelf-life of up to a year. Now bartenders in and outside of Nigeria can infuse our local drink, palm wine,  into their creations without the fear of wasting it.

I am also bringing The Villager to life in the way the cocktail is served. The local way of serving palm wine is in a calabash. I'm serving this cocktail in a glass sitting inside a calabash. This serve is an outreach to the rural palm wine tapper community through masterclasses on making the shrub for longer shelf life and scalable recipe creation. This master class series will contain a lot of education on best practices as the community faces issues concerning safety, storage, mixing knowledge etc.

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The Villager

Glassware: Coupe glass in calabash full of ice
Garnish: Coconut shave & green scotch bonnet
Method: Add all ingredients into a shaker, shake vigorously with ice, then fine strain into another shaker and shake without ice. Serve in a cut coup glass on crushed ice in a calabash. Garnish with a slice of coconut and green scotch bonnet.

45 ml Ketel One Family-Made Vodka
15 ml Aquafaba
25 ml Palmwine shrub

To make Palmwine shrub:
500ML Palmwine
500 grams sugar