Ketel One Symbiotic Serve – The Wheel of Teal

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Ketel One Symbiotic Serve – The Wheel of Teal

By Mika Ammunet

I believe in a world where we can live and work together in a symbiotic way, where top-down hierarchies are replaced with flat networks and collective morale. Where people from all backgrounds and cultures would be seen as a whole, with their responsibilities and desires inside and outside the work place.

With my Ketel One Symbiotic Serve I want to shake up the bar top conversations around worldviews on different management styles and bring more mindfulness to work places across industries. I believe we can learn diverse approaches from everywhere between gaming and manufacturing companies to non-profits and local communities. Locally and around the world.

I'm bringing awareness of the holistic Teal future of our global community through my Mate Hospitality platform where I'm sharing ideas on how to advance in self-management and seeing people as a whole as well as encouraging following one's purpose and passion in life.

My vehicle for this journey is the Wheel of Teal – a cocktail game that shifts your perspective on how organizations could be run in the future. You can play it in the collaborative venues while enjoying my Ketel One Symbiotic Serve, made with so called ugly fruits and leftover produce. Preserving ingredients over the cold winter months is a common way of prolonging seasonality here in Finland. By pickling the summery produce I was not only able to use the leftovers but to extend their shelf life as well. And you can do it too, in your own way!

We are all different. We are all unique "ugly fruits" and we should be able to preserve our originality, now and in the future.

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Ketel One Symbiotic Serve

Glass: Rocks Glass - Nude Finesse
Garnish: Lemon peel expressed over the drink and discarded and another lemon peel cut in hexagon shape, placed on top of the big ice cube. (approx. 1 inch x 1 inch size)
Method: Cool down Nude Finesse rocks glass with crushed ice or store in a freezer until ice cold
- Cut/peel two lemon peels, one to be expressed and discarded and another to be cut into hexagon shaped garnish, sized around 1 inch by 1 inch
- Take ice blocks out of the freezer in order to temper them to prevent cracks
- Measure 20ml of the pre-made pickle juice and 50ml of Ketel One into a mixing glass
- Add ice cubes to the mixing glass well above the liquid wash line and stir for 16 seconds
- Empty the rocks glass, "dry" the the big ice block(s) and place them in to the glass
- Taste the good stuff and strain the drink to the rocks glass over the ice (cocktail size should be around 100mls, wash line c.1cm from the top of the glass)
- Express one lemon peel over the drink and discard
- Garnish with another lemon peel cut in hexagon shape, by placing it on top of the big ice block
- Serve by holding from the lowest point of the glass

50ml Ketel One Family Made Vodka
20ml Pickle Juice:
-300g Water (clean, filtered)
-200g Sugar (white, granulated)
-25g Honey-Apple cider vinegar (Rajamäen)
-75g White balsamic vinegar (Fattorie Giacobazzi)
-100g Strawberry tops (green parts and a bit of the red flesh, usually thrown out)
-75g Bruised apple peels and cores ("ugly" fruits from local market)
-20g Coriander stems (leftovers)
-2.5g All spice
-0,5g Ground cardamom
-(20ml Pickle juice per serve)

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