Turning Mirrors into Windows

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Turning Mirrors into Windows

By Yuleidy Sanchez
Cayman Islands

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." Nelson Mandela

Education is the beginning and the end of everything. Cayman Islands is a small community relying on tourism to sustain the economy, and though it is considered the third pillars of Cayman economy there is a severe shortage of local representation. Furthermore, there are limited educational opportunities for young Caymanians within the hospitality industry.

The Caribbean Islands also struggle with developing sustainable waste management systems. In 2019, Cayman produced the 32nd largest amount of plastic waste per capita in the world and generated twice the amount of plastic waste per person as China; the world's largest plastic polluter.

My program aims to bridge these gaps. I will create a mentorship project targeted to young adults, teaching them in monthly sessions how to reuse leftovers from local establishments, like spent coffee grounds or citrus skins. These will be converted into products such as syrups, oleos and shrubs, or incorporated into a growing program using recycled materials

I will collaborate with students from Wineschool3, UCCI and the Hospitality school with the support of members of Cayman hospitality as additional mentors.

I started a Facebook group 'Cayman Eco-lution' to share sustainable ideas and recycling practices between hospitality professionals where students could further master their knowledge. I will be reusing wastage ingredients in my 'Resilience'. Excess egg yolks transformed to delicious zabaione, spent coffee grounds into a luscious coffee liqueur

My goal is to encourage and enrol 50 local students in 2021 in order to set the foundation for the future of Cayman's hospitality service with a thoughtful sustainable mindset

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Glass: Cocktail Glass - Nick and Nora
Garnish: Toasted coconut powder:
50gm Toasted Coconut flakes (Previously used to make a syrup), Dehydrate for 5 hours then grind into a fine powder with a spice grinder, a blender or a mortar and pestle.To serve ,wet side of the glass with water and add as a partial rim on 1/4 of the glass going 2cm from the lip of the glass down towards the stem
Chill and rim Nick and Nora Glass - Wet side of the glass with water and add coconut powder as a partial rim on 1/4 of the glass going 2cm from the lip of the glass down towards the stem. In a shaker place the 60ml Ketel One, 30ml Homemade Coffee Liqueur, 15ml Averna, 15ml Heavy Cream, 2 barspoons of Zabaione and 1 small pinch of Sea Salt. (All ingredients should be well chilled in advance) Add Cubed ice and shake very hard until the outside of the shaker is very cold. Double strain into pre prepared Nick and Nora Glass

60ml Ketel One Family Made Vodka
Small pinch Sea Salt Flakes
15ml Heavy Cream
30ml Homemade Coffee Liqueur:
-120gm Ketel One Family Made Vodka
-120gm Paradise Coffee Cayman Rum Infused Coffee - Spent grounds
-approx. 120gm Coconut/Palm Sugar
15ml Averna
2 barspoons Zabaione:
-5 egg yolks
-200gm Heavy Cream
-75ml Oloroso Sherry (Lustau Preferred)
-25ml Px Sherry (Lustau Preferred)
-50gm Powdered sugar
-40gm Orange Blossom Honey

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