Windmill Project

Windmill Project

Minguk Yu
Representing: South Korea

"My hometown, Changwon is known for cafes. Changwon has the second biggest number of newly opening cafes in Korea.

Unfortunately, many small cafes in Changwon have been hugely impacted by Covid-19. In a hope of spreading good influence in my hometown, I came up with a project to help them. With the city's specialty products, I created a cocktail recipe that anyone can follow. And I share this recipe with small cafes in Changwon by visiting to the cafes and posting it to the city managed website. 

Through this, Cafes can increase their customer base by selling cocktails. Also, local farmers can expect to have higher sales and promote their products. And if the windmill keeps on turning, any profits will be used as seed money for carrying out this project in the future; and consequently, to help small business owners' survival.

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Windmill Project

Glassware: Highball glass
Garnish: Milky Rice foam
1. chill the cocktail glass
2. fill the glass with cube ice
3. pour all the ingredients into the glass and stir it slowly
4. pour the milky rice foam on the cocktail

45ml Ketel One Family-Made Vodka
90ml Ketel One Coffee

To make Ketel One Coffee
1. put 300ml of espresso, 75ml of honey, 50ml amaro, 25ml water, 150g of rice, 5g of lemon zest into vacuum bag.
2. sous vide it at 54C for 2hours
3. strain it with coffee filter"