Leaders of Change Jocotenango
Leaders of Change Jocotenango

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Leaders of Change Jocotenango

By Angel Barrios

I am Angel Barrios, co-founder of BartenderGT, Guatemala's most impactful bartending community. With my project, Leaders of Change, I aim to positively transform the lives of young adults through the combination of personal growth and community development.

Jocotenango is one of Guatemala's rural areas where the lack of opportunities, positive role models, and supportive communities result in a continuous cycle of crime and violence.

Leaders of Change Jocotenango is aimed to change that by creating skilled leaders through professional mentorship, who will then become a positive force in their own community.

Throughout this program, LOC Jocotenango works closely with Lead-Up International which, through their innovative workshops with horses, successfully promotes leadership empowerment among at-risk youth in Guatemala.

Based on the experience of this international program, LOC Jocotenango works with Lead-Up Champions who are interested in pursuing a career in bartending/hospitality. Selected Champions have one shift per week with me in a real work environment, where they gain invaluable professional experiences. They'll then establish their own community and continue to grow together.

Since their community is crucial for lasting change, I personally support its formation through facilitating visits by high-level members of the bartender/hospitality industry.

Later in the program, we'll explore alternative ways to capitalise on their knowledge (production and sale of bitters, etc) where the proceeds can be used to buy their first kits.

My cocktail, Simbiosis, is inspired by bees. These insects are a living example of growing as a community, which is what LOC Jocotenango represents.

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Glass: Elegance Champagne
Garnish: 2 or 3 pieces of Tropical Mix fruit on a dehydrated orange slice and let it remain floating in the cocktail.

  1. Cool the glass
  2. Add to the shaker
  3. Stir in the shaker with cubed or square ice
  4. Remove the ice from the glass
  5. Serve the liquid in the glass with the double strain technique
  6. With a tweezers place the garnish
  7. Mount on a coaster

30 ml Ketel One Family Made Vodka
30 ml of Tropical mix
25 ml of Grapefruit juice
25 ml of Honey mix