Raise a Glass

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Raise a Glass

By James Grant

The Situation
Edmonton is a city with a harsh climate; in the winter, temperatures drop below -25℃. The climate, combined with the realities of food insecurity and safety concerns, makes living without shelter extremely difficult.

The Partners
Homeward Trust works to help vulnerable members of our community. Their Housing First program moves people from an experience of homelessness into stable housing and ensures that all supports are in place for them to remain housed.

Since 2009, Homeward Trust has helped house 12,500 of our neighbours.

The Idea
Raise a Glass raises awareness and support for Find, Homeward Trust's social enterprise which allows Housing First clients to select everything for their new home - from furniture and cookware to artwork and decor, free of charge.

How it Works
Raise a Glass starts by purchasing vintage glassware from Find. These glasses are then included with Kickstart Martini cocktails sold at over a dozen venues across Edmonton.

Each glass leverages bartenders' excitement sourcing unique glassware, removes glasses from cycles of production and waste, and reminds guests of the work that Homeward Trust does in our community. With Ketel One's support, 100% of Kickstart Martini sales go back to Find, supporting their work in our community.

Raise a Glass also provides clients of Homeward Trust with a lavender plant - a housewarming gift and central ingredient in the Kickstart Martini. This is a small touch to make a new house a home and to provide our neighbours with a lasting touch of hospitality.


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Kickstart Martini

Glass: Cocktail glass - Nick and Nora
Garnish: Lavender Tuille
Method: Combine the following in a shaker tin:
1.5oz Ketel One Vodka
0.5oz Ramazotti Amaro
0.5oz 2:1 Lavender & spent coffee syrup
1.5oz Cold Brew Coffee
Ice: 6 cold draft cubes

Shake vigorously with ice 30 times. Strain the cocktail into the small half of the tin and discard ice. reseal the tin and shake vigorously without ice 20 times. Double strain into a chilled Nick and Nora glass.