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Monin & You

Monin & You

Monin is going on the road in October 2021 with Monin & You, a series of live talks, looking at the next big trends, issues and solutions affecting those in the hospitality sector as well as physical demos and advice.
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Each talk will be hosted by expert speakers from the world of coffee and cocktails, including: Sam Trevethyen, Kenji Jesse, Matt Hollidge, Bea Bradsell, George Blower, Dan Fellows and Steve Moloney.

The line-up of guests will be supported by MONIN's own Henry Dewar, Lee Hyde, and Jess Munro, who will be imparting their knowledge and experience, whilst providing some exciting demonstrations. Each live roadshow event will also feature an evening event with the Barista League as well as late drinks for participants, guests and friends of Monin.

The program

Each Monin & You event will be led by Monin's Beverage innovation team together with a line up of guest speakers wit the agenda as follows:

  • Drinks of the Future
  • Crafting a modern drinks menu is crucial to ensure you appeal to the needs of your customers. Here you'll learn about the latest trends in drinks and how these can be applied to your menu
  • Digital Drinks
  • A broad topic covering the impact of social media on drinks presentations, advice on creating digital experiences for your customers and the role that strong visual presentation for food and drinks plays
  • Batching Flavour
  • Batched cocktails and batching flavour was not just a pandemic trend – it's here to stay! The desire for convenient drinks consumption on the go, the operational benefits and speed of service for hospitality venues and the ability to still deliver consistent quality, all make batched drinks an important topic.
  • Reducing Waste
  • Reducing waste is high on the agenda for everyone inside and outside the hospitality sector. We will be offering guidance on this to you as a bartender, barista or independent operator, from the small steps you can take, to the big steps you can consider.
  • Coffee Cocktails....where next?
  • The fusion of coffee cocktails combine the best of both worlds to deliver fascinating drink experiences which go beyond the espresso martini to include new twists on old favourites. Coffee cocktails continue to revolutionise menu's and draw a huge appeal to a number of different customers.
  • Running Events and Pivoting Your Business
  • Competitions in hospitality have a great role in helping your career grow and for your own personal development, but navigating the right competition for you can be tricky. Events continue to be an interesting way to appeal to more customers and show a different side of you and your business.
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Event Highlights

See some highlights from previous MONIN & You events!

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