Cesar Araujo, Bob Milano
Cesar Araujo, Bob Milano

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Cesar Araujo, Bob Milano

Born in 1987, Cesar Araujo is a veteran of the city of Milan with Rotonda Bistro, The Dopping Club, Ideal Cocktail Bar and The Botanical behind him.

His work is inspired by the culture of blending from all over the world, trying to blend flavors and tastes respecting tradition. In the drinks he creates he tries to bring cosmopolitan experiences to life, always giving a touch of refined originality with a balanced sophistication.


Created by Cesar Araujo, Bob Milano, Milan

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40ml Italicus
20ml London Dry Gin
20ml Cordial Lemongrass
2 drops di Curacao Blue
Top Cuvee 36 Mesi Alta Langa Pas Dose Gancia

My cocktail is a twist on a frech 75 where I really enjoy this with an extra touch of Italicus and use a hight Metodo Classico Italiano to complete the experience.