Floriano Cubeddu, Cecconi's
Floriano Cubeddu, Cecconi's

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Floriano Cubeddu, Cecconi's

Floriano Cubeddu is the Bar Manager at Cecconi's City of London at The Ned. Originally, he is from La Maddalena in Sardinia, where the warm sea and pleasant sunshine await those spending their holidays. Hospitality has been a key part of his life since he was very young. Working along side his tireless parents taught him how hard but incredibly satisfying is the hospitality world.

After his graduation he decided to move to London and start a new life from scratch. He had the chance to work for Soho House since the beginning where he learned different techniques and took inspiration from extremely talented bartenders and chefs which strengthened his passion for the culinary science and the chemistry of drinks.

After almost three years he wanted to try a new experience so he moved to the busy Bar Américain in Soho, a classic American bar serving mixed traditional drinks in one of the most glamorous and authentic Art Deco surroundings. One year later The Ned opened its doors and Cecconi's restaurant gave him the opportunity to become what he has always dreamed about. Today he cannot describe how proud he is to lead a fantastic bar team and create delicious Italian aperitivo for our thirsty guests from the City and all around the world.


Created by Floriano Cubeddu, bar manager at Cecconi's at The Ned, London

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50ml Italicus
5ml Orange Bitter
50ml fresh blood orange juice
10ml fresh lemon juice
1 egg white

Dry shake, shake and fine strain over ice. Serve in a small crystal highball and garnish with English lavender leaves.

"The sense of smell is closely linked with memory. Perfume is one of the strongest and earliest senses we have, like music, it immediately transports us to a place and time".

Few months ago I had the chance to visit one of the most beautiful lavender fields just outside London, the aromas instantly reminded me of a beautiful Sardinian summer. This combination of scents and memories inspired me to create a cocktail of which every sip could transport me back home. The first ingredient, Italicus, is an authentic Italian bergamot liqueur slightly citrus on the nose with hints of lavender.

Bergamot is a bitter citrus fruit - often called a bergamot orange - although confusingly, it is yellow coloured like a lemon. I found it interesting to combine it with fresh lemon and blood orange juice. Along with I found extra floral notes from an orange bitter aperitif and then I added an egg white in order to give it a nice rich, silky foam texture. A sprig of English lavender leaves, was the perfect garnish to complete this fresh bitter-sweet drink. The name Sanguinello comes from the type of blood orange (like Moro and Tarocco) which was one of my childhood favourite drink. Salute!