France Rainteau, Officina
France Rainteau, Officina

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France Rainteau, Officina

Officina is a cocktail bar that mixes the preparation and serves of cocktails in a place that mixes retro design and in a workshop. A mix of colours and styles between industrial and retro that make it sophisticated.

The long bar counter and the present bottle shelf make it the perfect counter for a Martini cocktail or a classic Milanese aperitif, but also the perfect place to try the creations of France Rainteau Bartender who, among her experiences in high-level Parisian clubs such as the Candelaria, brings her experience to the service of the city of Milan.


Created by France Rainteau of Officina, Milan

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45ml Italicus
10ml Bitter
15ml Green citrus solution ( which is a lemon tea infusion with acid malice and citric and a bit of golden syrup we use instead of the agave)
Top with Soda
Served in a highball with two big ice cubes

The challenge was to make a cocktail to go with italicus and represents where we are living, using Italian ingredients. As we are based in Milano, I used Campari; that gives a tiny touch of bitterness, then a solution acid made from tea and acids, Italicus that gives some freshness and sweetness and some soda water to make it long fresh and an Aperitivo. The cocktail can be bottled as the solution we use inside lasts at least 2 months.