Francesco Cimaglia, Bootleg
Francesco Cimaglia, Bootleg

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Francesco Cimaglia, Bootleg

26 years old, behind a counter for over 9, Francesco left Rome in 2015 for England, London. After three years at the hotel, he specialized in gin, in fact the hdr is the largest gin bar in London with over 500 labels.

He then moved to Paris in 2018, where he had the opportunity to take over Oscar Quagliarini in his wonderful perfume bar Herbarium. He returned to Rome in 2019 and settled at Bootleg, a suburban cocktail bar in north-east Rome where he shares his creations.

Next Stop ITALYcus

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45ml Italicus
10ml Grappa Bianca Trentina
25ml Lemon juice from Amalfi
4 spoons caster sugar
2 spoons salt solution
2 dash orange bitter
25ml egg white

Salt solution:
100ml water, 2 spoons Trapani salt.

Reverse Dry Shake

Next stop ITALYcus is a small tour of Italy in a drink; Italicus, fresh lemon juice from Amalfi coast, italian caster sugar, Grappa from Trentino-Alto-Adige, salty solution (Italy is in the center of Mediterranean Sea, and has maybe the most beautiful beaches), Orange bitter (Sicily), eggwhite. All of them wonderfully balanced in a drink you can enjoy anytime of the day.

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