John Cooper, Macchialina
John Cooper, Macchialina

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John Cooper, Macchialina

John Cooper has been a familiar face in the Miami bar scene for several years.  Prior to joining Macchialina, Cooper has worked with several of Miami's award-winning cocktail programs, including Beaker & Gray and Swine.

His passion for beverage is shown in all aspects, as he began brewing beer professionally in 2017 and as of 2019 is level one certified for the Court of Master Sommeliers. Cooper found his way to Macchialina in the summer of 2018 where he has been sharing his passion for eating and drinking well with fellow guests.

Oda Di Agrumi

Created by John Cooper from Macchialina, Miami

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1 oz Italicus
1 oz Gin
1 oz Acid Adjusted Grapefruit
0.75 oz simple syrup
Top Soda
Garnished with Grapefruit Zest


My inspiration for Soda di Agrumi and why I chose Grapefruit as my local ingredient go hand in hand. Italicus has a really magnificent citrus aroma and taste with a subtle bitterness that holds it up. I wanted to highlight Italicus without losing it in a cocktail or creating a 1-dimensional cocktail. I chose to use Oxley Gin because it also has an incredible citrus profile that allowed me to build a really complex bouquet of aromas and tastes.

I Grew up here In Florida and on road trips you could always buy big bags of grapefruit, which we used to eat in the car rides on family vacations. One of my favorite cocktails is a Paloma which is a very simple cocktail that marries grapefruit and lime, so I decided to acid adjust the grapefruit by adding some citric and malic acid to brighten up the grapefruit juice and ended up with a Gimlet of sorts. A splash of club soda helps cut the acidity and makes it very drinkable.