Matteo Peneau, Le Purdey
Matteo Peneau, Le Purdey

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Matteo Peneau, Le Purdey

Franck Kuintal is a Franco-Indian head bartender reaching for his inspiration into his origins and his love for Asia. He travelled the world for five years discovering different cultures, traditions, and he is now redistilling into a cosmopolitan menu at the Purdey.

Jardin d'été

Created by Matteo Peneau, Le Purdey, Paris

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40 ml Italicus
40 ml generous gin
15 ml safran sirup
10ml rose water iran
pink pepper tonic
1 drop home made bissap

Garnish with Parisian rose petal

The cocktails is a journey through different flavors from a french gin based on jasmin and elderflower, combined to my Iranian origins with a special rose water, a spicy note picked from the pink pepper tonic then finishing the journey with italicus within the citrus ans fresh tones allied to the flower bouquet.

The whole cocktail is about having different vibes just like the Purdey bar, based in Saint Germain des pres Paris, iconic place in the centre of Paris we have an eclectic neighbourhood, with a jazzy ambiance at aperitif time, leading to pop electro after 10pm, we can share a different type of dancing, drinking with sharing a unusual lifestyle for a cocktail bar.