Winning Recipes
Winning Recipes

Spicy Monkey Negroni

By Lee Clarke

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Spicy Monkey Negroni image

Serve in a

Old-fashioned glass


Ground Chilli flake rim on ⅓ of glass

How to make:

POUR all ingredients into ice-filled glass
and STIR.


Lovely flavours of the Monkey 47 Negroni and then you get the Chilli kick. Those who are really brave can drink from the side with the ground Chilli flakes!


Put this together for the Monkey 47 competition on Difford's Giide. I wanted a spicy Negroni so the Ancho Reyes was an easy choice. Didn't want to overpower the Monkey 47. Think I got it right.


One serving of Spicy Monkey Negroni contains 197 calories.

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