How Joseph Cartron craft liqueurs & eaux-de-vie

Joseph Cartron crafts fruit liqueurs and eaux-de-vie using artisanal methods, respecting techniques, processes and tried and tested recipes. "Let nature do its work and let time best express the savour of the fruit", is the moto of the Joseph Cartron Company.

Crèmes and liqueurs

Fruits are harvested at their optimal maturity and quickly macerated in stainless steel vats with neutral alcohol to capture their fresh fragrances. The optimal infusion time varies for each fruit according to how quickly it transfers its perfumes to the alcohol.

Achieving the perfect balance between the fruit, the alcohol and the sugar ensures the full character of the fruit will be revealed in the finished liqueur. This balance is unique for each different product and has been perfected after numerous tests and batches.

Cartron makes its own essential oils of orange, tangerine, coffee beans and cocoa beans using a traditional pear-shaped pot-still, its unique shape concentrating the aromas of each ingredient.

Eaux-De-Vie, Marcs and Fines

For its Eaux-de-Vie, Cartron has worked for decades with the same families of itinerant distillers. They distil the Poire Williams, the Marc and the Fine in Burgundian copper pot stills.

Then, the Eau-de-Vie de Poire Williams is stored in demijohns protected by wicker baskets where it matures according to ancestral methods in the company's attic. This allows the eaux-de-vie to benefit from thermal shocks during the different seasons and over the years.

For the Marc and the Fine de Bourgogne, maturation is carried out in oak casks in the company's cellars. The Company's three tasters use their palate and experience to blend the contents of these casks.