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Status Operational
Established: 1998
Visitor Policy: Not generally accessible
Tel: +44 1333 354061
Cameron Bridge Distillery near Edinburgh is where Diageo’s UK gin production is centred, and it is the only place in the world where Tanqueray Gin is made.


Fife, Scotland
United Kingdom

The Cameron Bridge Distillery had been operating for several years before the famous whisky distiller John Haig acquired it in 1824. Haig's cousin, Robert Stein, invented the first continuous still and Cameron Bridge was the first distillery to produce grain whisky. The distillery takes its name from the bridge that crosses the River Leven on the distillery grounds. Once a mere ford, the present day bridge is much more substantial than the original but spans the river in exactly the same location. The river water is not used for production but it is used for cooling.

Cameron Bridge is far from being a quaint picture postcard distillery and sprawls across a huge site with tank farms, tank filling stations and towering buildings that house tall column stills. However, the three large vintage copper pot stills used to make Tanqueray gin, and incidentally Tanqueray Stirling vodka, are beautiful examples of hand craftsmanship and once inside their dedicated still hall it is easy to forget you are in one of the largest distilleries in Europe. Wherever in the world it is sold, every bottle of Tanqueray is made in these stills with the hand-riveted 200 year old 'Old Tom' No. 4 Still always used for the final distillation of Tanqueray Ten.

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