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World Class

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Designed to find the world’s best bartender, at least the best with enough confidence to enter, World Class is the toughest of all the bartending competitions. And, as with all competitions, this gladiatorial display of bartending excellence comes down to a process of elimination. Watching the 10 finalists battle it out in the recent Great Britain Final was an emotional and uplifting experience.

Two days of competition challenges were held in suitably luxurious settings – the penthouse apartment of The Edinburgh Grand Hotel and then the sumptuous sporting lodge that is the Gleneagles Hotel. World Class is a Diageo Reserve competition after all – think Johnnie Walker Blue Label and all the trappings that go with it.

Challenge #1 - The Perfect Welcome Drink

Bearing in mind that “first impressions are key in hospitality” the bartenders were challenged “to really think about the concept of the ‘Perfect Welcome Cocktail’ and what makes a great welcome drink?" They were given five minutes to prepare and present their drink to the judges.

Challenge #2 - Smoke & Whisky

Set in the Shooting Lodge at The Gleneagles Hotel, with judge Ali Reynolds assuming the persona of the Duke of Diageo (very apt), and fellow judges Colin Dunn and Stevie Martin playing his shooting party, each bartender was in turn invited to join the trio. And, as the brief said, “no country jaunt is complete without a wee dram along the way, from a trusty hip flask.” Hence, they were challenged “to create a ‘smoked cocktail’ to fill your hip flask - an exquisite elixir befitting of the occasion, to be shared at the right moment, whilst you share the tale of its creation.”

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I tasted all 10 cocktails and all were excellent, as were the snacks and engaging stories that accompanied them. I was also struck the diversity of ingredients which included:
 - juniper cured venison salami
 - spruce tincture
 - cold smoked venison bone marrow infused Johnnie Walker Back
 - duck, apple and parsnip fat-washed Johnnie Walker Back
 - maple smoked parsnip syrup
 - Cotswold smoked rapeseed oil
 - alder wood smoked raspberries
 - moss filtered Johnnie Walker Back

The fireside tale telling element of this competition produced great back stories which explained the relevance of the various ingredients and added interest to each cocktail being presented.

Challenge #3 - The 19th Hole

The final challenge was held in the Auchterarder 70 Club House overlooking the iconic St Andrew’s Golf Course where the bartenders were told to imagine they had “nailed a dream job” and had been appointed the new bar manager. The challenge brief went on, “With great new job comes great responsibility and it's your responsibility to create the new Club House signature drink, something inspired by the rich legacy and joie de vivre of the famous golfing institution that is St Andrew's. We’re not looking for something stuffy that harks back to a by-gone era, but a modern day representation of all that is good and great of the spirit of sport. Now, the curve ball… we ask you to present your creation mid shift!”

So, in a bar packed with spectators, the bartenders presented their cocktails while also catering for random requests for three other classic cocktails shouted out by impatient stooges in the crowd. Although not quite Rollerball or Hunger Games, the atmosphere was intense with judges and onlookers willing each competitor on. The crowd didn’t break into chants of “ten go in and one comes out,” but at times it felt like you were in the stands at a football match with gasps, cries and applause.

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Each shift lasted just ten minutes but this was probably the toughest ten minutes behind the bar that any of the competitors have ever experienced. That’s what sets World Class apart as a real test of bartending skills rather than just recipe creation.

The ten finalists are listed below. As one of the judges lucky enough to experience this brilliant bartending spectacle, I’d like to pass on my personal thanks to all ten of you for your professionalism and hospitality. However, Daniel Warren emerged as the clear champion bartender, particularly as he made the last and toughest challenge appear effortless, producing his very tasty Terroir Cocktail along with two Daiquiris, one Dutch Highball and three Whisky Highballs, all perfectly presented, and all within the allotted ten minutes.

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Daniel will go on to represent Great Britain in the Global Final in Berlin 3rd - 6th October 2018. He has won himself a prize package valued at over £15,000 to include a 12 month contract worth a minimum of £5,000 to tour with the World Class team hosting workshops and bartending at high profile events throughout the UK.

Diageo Reserve World Class GB 2018 finalists

producers 79 image

Kieran Grieves, Bonbar, Newcastle

producers 40 image

Luke Robinson, Cub, London

producers 26 image

Adam Day, Peggy’s Bar, Manchester

producers 20 image

Cameron Attfield, Dandelyan, London

producers 87 image

Daniel Bovey, Hyde & Co., Bristol

producers 26 image

David Hall, Terroir Tapas, Bournemouth

producers 64 image

James Bowker, The Wilderness, Birmingham

producers 68 image

Georgia Billing, Sexy Fish, London

producers 61 image

Manachain “Manny” Monaghan, Below Stairs, Leeds

producers 96 image

Daniel Warren, Last Chance

The 25 semi-finalists who narrowly missed going onto the final

producers 66 image

Alexander Taylor, Pennyroyal, Cardiff

producers 55 image

Arnaud Volte, The Distillery, London

producers 30 image

Charles Roche, Scout, London

producers 90 image

Christian Silenzi, American Bar at The Savoy, London

producers 26 image

Claudio Iucolino, Dry Martini, London

producers 83 image

Cosmin Tigroso, Nine Lives, London

producers 70 image

Giovanni Tavano, Sexy Fish, London

producers 70 image

Ilija Kniazev, Annabel’s, London

producers 70 image

Jack Wakelin, Public, Sheffield

producers 12 image

Jonatan Munoz Iniesta, Hawksmoor Spitalfields, London

producers 77 image

Kieran Downie, Tigerlily, Edinburgh

producers 41 image

Kuba Korzynski, Royal Institution, Liverpool

producers 93 image

Luke Condell, The Cocktail Trading Co., London

producers 39 image

Michele Reina, Palm Court Bar, London

producers 86 image

Mike McGinty, Voyage of Buck, Edinburgh

producers 86 image

Stevie Kane, Revolution

producers 67 image

Miran Chauhan, Buck & Birch, Edinburgh

producers 81 image

Robert Simpson, The Clove Club, London

producers 49 image

Robyn Wilkie, The Edition, London

producers 49 image

Simone di Serio, Brasserie Max, London

producers 20 image

Thomas Matthews, The Edgbaston, Birmingham

producers 28 image

Thomas Ryan, Doctor Ink’s Curiosities, Exeter

producers 79 image

Thomas Solberg, Black Rock, London

producers 37 image

Timothy Bachelor, The PIG Hotel, Brockenhurst

producers 38 image

Yeshua Garcia, Rotunda Bar at Ten Trinity Square