Balvenie Distillery


Near Dufftown
AB55 4DH
Banffshire, Scotland
United Kingdom

Status: Operational

Established: 1892

Owner: William Grant & Sons Distillers Ltd

Capacity: Not supplied

Visitor Policy: Not generally accessible

Tel: 01340 820 373

William Grant built The Balvenie Distillery into the abandoned shell of an 18th century manor house next to his already successful Glenfiddich distillery in 1892. The original stills Grant bought to set up his second distillery were second-hand and came from Lagavulin and Glen Albyn.

The present day 4 wash and 5 spirit stills are of the same dimensions, being taller than those at Glenfiddich. This means the whisky produced at Balvenie is very different in style to that of its immediate neighbour.

Balvenie is one of the few distilleries still using floor malting and peating in an on-site kiln using barley grown on the distillery’s own farm, Balvenie Mains.

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