Black Gold

Black Gold

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Copo Old-fashioned...
fl oz Bacardi Carta Oro Rum
fl oz Benedictine D.O.M.
fl oz Freshly squeezed lime juice
fl oz Kamm & Sons
1 colher Black truffle honey
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Como fazer:

STIR all ingredients in base of shaker until honey dissolves. Add ice, SHAKE and fine strain into ice-filled glass.


grapefruit zest twist (digarded), slice truffle & ginseng


"I feel that the untameable spirit of Bacardí lives everywhere in nature: truffles, ginseng and herbs all grow out of extremely difficult environments. Just like bartenders, we work at night, are wild, free-spirited, untamed, we pass on positive energy and share good vibes with people, bringing our own distinct flair and 'flavours' to light up the bar; so I believe we bartenders are indeed 'black gold.'"

We say: A honey daiquiri with herbal spice courtesy of Bénédictine and ginseng aperitif. Depending on your ginseng aperitif (we used Kamm & Son but unlikely to be what they use in China) you may want to make that barspoon of honey slightly heaped rather than flat.


Chinese BACARDÍ LEGACY 2016 winning cocktail by Choni Song, The Nest, Shanghai.

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