23 July

Reggae Rum Punch image

Today is Haile Selassie’s Birthday

So we are drinking a...

Reggae Rum Punch

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Haile Selassie, African statesman, global icon and the last emperor of Ethiopia, was born today in 1892.

Before he became emperor, his title was Ras Tafari, a name which forms the heart of Rastafarianism. Some believers in the Rastafari movement worship Haile Selassie as a messiah - either God incarnate or the reincarnation of Jesus - though others believe that he was simply an earthly king chosen by God. The Rastafari movement began in Jamaica during the 1930s. Many of its followers use cannabis spiritually and reject Western society, calling it Babylon, along the lines of the movement's most famous adherent, Bob Marley.

Though many Rastas do not drink alcohol, today we are enjoying a very Jamaican drink, the Reggae Rum Punch.

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