11 June

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The Greeks Make it into Troy Today

So we are drinking a...

Horse's Neck with a Kick

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According to calculations by Eratosthenes, a Greek scholar from the third century BC, on this day in 1184 BC Troy was sacked and burned by revenging Greeks.

They had sailed to Troy to bring back Helen, stolen by Paris of Troy from Menelaus, the king of Sparta, ten years previously. The Greeks, still unable to infiltrate the city, had built a huge, hollow wooden horse, left it outside the city gates, and pretended to sail away. The unwitting Trojans dragged the Trojan horse into the city, and after darkness Greeks soldiers, hidden inside, crept out and opened the gates. Thus the Trojans had brought about their own destruction.

It may all be fiction, of course, but in thanks for a great story, today we're drinking a Horse's Neck with a Kick.

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