4 May

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It's Star Wars Day

So we are drinking a...

Darth Jäger

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May the fourth be with you! Around the world, Star Wars fans are celebrating Star Wars Day today.

It's a completely random date and is believed to have originated on 4 May 1979, the day on which Margaret Thatcher took office as British prime minister. An advertisement in the London Evening News read "May the Fourth Be with You, Maggie. Congratulations."

Although the Jedi Church appears well established (we know this because there is a Jedi census), there is some dispute as to which day is Star Wars Day. Some celebrate on 4 May; others, including the Los Angeles city council, choose to celebrate on 25 May, the anniversary of the release of the first film in the Star Wars series.

If you're choosing to celebrate today, we're proposing a drink that's just a bit more sophisticated than those served in the Chalmun's Cantina, the famous "Star Wars bar" on the planet of Tattooine, and it's a Darth Jäger.

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