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May Day image
1st May

May Day

The ancient pagan festival of May Day is celebrated throughout the northern hemisphere today.

Flag Day in Poland image
2nd May

Flag Day in Poland

A country that has suffered so much loss of independence during its tumultuous history takes its flag day seriously.

World Press Freedom Day image
3rd May

World Press Freedom Day

This day was established by the United Nations General Assembly (UNESCO) to maintain awareness of the importance of freedom of the press and to remind

Star Wars Day image
4th May

Star Wars Day

May the fourth be with you! Around the world, Star Wars fans are celebrating Star Wars Day today.

Cinco de Mayo image
5th May

Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo, or Fifth of May, is one of those peculiar celebrations that are honoured more outside their homelands than within.

Anniversary of the sub 4-minute mile image
6th May

Anniversary of the sub 4-minute mile

This day in 1954, Sir Roger Bannister set a world record for the mile, also becoming the first man to run the mile in under four minutes, covering the

National Cosmopolitan Day image
7th May

National Cosmopolitan Day

Thankfully there's no regulation or any other hindrance to anybody anywhere declaring a 'National Day' or even an 'International Day' to celebrate whatever

World Red Cross and Red Crescent Day image
8th May

World Red Cross and Red Crescent Day

It is hard to imagine an era before the Red Cross. Not so much for the minutiae of life, such as First Aid training and cleaning cuts and grazes. But for

Lost Sock Memorial Day image
9th May

Lost Sock Memorial Day

America boasts over 1,200 national days celebrating all manner of things... and as the name suggests, this one remembers dearly departed socks and their

Anniversary of Mandela's inauguration image
10th May

Anniversary of Mandela's inauguration

On the 9th May 1994, the newly elected South African parliament - the country's first ever democratic government - picked Nelson Mandela to be the country's

Salvador Dalí's birthday image
11th May

Salvador Dalí's birthday

Few painters have created more iconic images and been more of an iconic image themselves than the Spanish painter Salvador Dalí, born this day in 1904.

Limerick Day image
12th May

Limerick Day

There was a young bartending star Who dreamed he would open a bar Then he worked for a brand Took a corporate stand And ended up doing PR

World Cocktail Day image
13th May

World Cocktail Day

Today is a special day for any cocktail geek: World Cocktail Day.

The anniversary of Louis XIV's enthronement image
14th May

The anniversary of Louis XIV's enthronement

Crowned on this day in 1643 at the young age of just four, Louis XIV of France built the Palace of Versailles, established France as one of the pre-eminent

National Chocolate Chip Day image
15th May

National Chocolate Chip Day

Someone, somewhere, quite randomly we're sure, decided that today is National Chocolate Chip Day.

Chartreuse Day image
16th May

Chartreuse Day

Back in 1605, the Carthusian Monks of Chartreuse were given a manuscript with the recipe for the Élixir Végétal they still make to this day. To celebrate

Pinot Grigio Day image
17th May

Pinot Grigio Day

The 17th of May celebrates Pinot Grigio (or Pinot Gris), a grape variety identified with gently acidic refreshing white wines from Northern Italy, often

National No Dirty Dishes Day image
18th May

National No Dirty Dishes Day

Probably created by a fed-up and overloaded homemaker, No Dirty Dishes Day is a day dedicated to keeping our sinks clear of dirty plates, pots and pans.

We're remembering Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis image
19th May

We're remembering Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis

One of Jacqueline Kennedy's first acts as First Lady was to replace the routine of punch before dinner with cocktails – and to install bars in the White

World Bee Day image
20th May

World Bee Day

The UN proclaimed 20th May World Bee Day in December 2017. May was chosen due to bees in the northern hemisphere developing profusely ahead of a productive

International Tennessee Whiskey Day image
21st May

International Tennessee Whiskey Day

The May 21st date chosen for this momentous occasion is significant as it was on this day in 1937 that Tennessee repealed the ban on manufacturing alcoholic

World Goth Day image
22nd May

World Goth Day

Around the world today, thousands of black-clad nihilists will be upping the make-up and partying like it's 1985. You can find them in some quite surprising

We say goodbye to Catherine of Aragon image
23rd May

We say goodbye to Catherine of Aragon

Henry VIII: Renaissance Man, a lover of wine, women, song and jousting, a poet and a musician with the bad habit of ditching wives and breaking up churches.

The London Ritz's Birthday image
24th May

The London Ritz's Birthday

On this day in 1906, the legendary hotelier César Ritz opened the London Ritz, on the site of an old coaching inn, not far from the Savoy from which he

Towel Day image
25th May

Towel Day

Fans of the late, great Douglas Adams, creator of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, will today be celebrating his work. And they do this by carrying

National Sorry Day image
26th May

National Sorry Day

In Australia, today is National Sorry Day. No, not an opportunity to go around apologising to everyone you've done wrong to - that's what Sunday mornings

The Chrysler Building's birthday image
27th May

The Chrysler Building's birthday

New York City's Chrysler Building was completed this day in 1930 and at the time this impressive Art Deco-style skyscraper was the tallest man-made structure.

Ian Fleming's Birthday image
28th May

Ian Fleming's Birthday

James Bond's creator Ian Fleming was born on this day in 1908. And we will be toasting the creator of the immortal line shaken, not stirred with his most

Everest was first summitted this day image
29th May

Everest was first summitted this day

On this day in 1953, Edmund Hillary, a New Zealander, and the Nepalese Sherpa Tenzing Norgay became the first climbers known to have reached the summit

Mint Julep Day image
30th May

Mint Julep Day

The Kentucky Derby ended a while back - but, with summer on its way, this is a great opportunity to celebrate Mint Julep Day. Even if students at New College

Walt Whitman's birthday image
31st May

Walt Whitman's birthday

At the time of its publication, Whitman's controversial poetry collection Leaves of Grass, with its overt sexuality, was considered by many to be obscene.